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Debbie Foster


I am the owner of Paint, Drink and Be Merry and your instructor for all the painting events. 


I have enjoyed seeing the world through the eyes of an artist all my life. I remember being able to stay in the lines in kindergarden and continued my education from there.


My studies continued as usual in art; painting, photography and eventually graphic design. I have a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts & Photography with a certification in Visual Arts and a Masters in Education.  The mediums I used varied throughout the years.  I enjoyed painting commissioned portraits, photographing weddings and senior portraits,  designing brochures and painting residential and commercial murals. I have painted many of the murals at the Pediatric Dentistry & Interceptive Orthodontics P.C. in Fayetteville.


Painting is my favorite medium and instructing those who want to have fun with it makes it even better. So, join me for one of my events and have a blast!!


To see some of my work go to the murals tab or click here.



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